Black & White Night – Not quite…

By TPN, in Nachrichten · 18-06-2021 11:54:00 · 0 Kommentare

The Carvoeiro Black & White night is coming back to the town in Lagoa, however because of the current situation it will simply involve the decorating of the streets.

A statement from Lagoa Municipality read: “As we have been prevented from holding this key event due to Covid-19, the Municipality of Lagoa wanted to highlight Carvoeiro Black & White with a special edition, on 18 and 19 June, with the decoration of the streets. This is hoped to give a clear sign of hope and encouragement to all the businesses in the local area and in particular for Praia do Carvoeiro”.

2021 Black & White night will have no live music, no street entertainment and the roads will not be closed to traffic as in previous years.

“Unfortunately, we still won't be able to hold the county's biggest events, but it's important to still highlight them and to boost the local economy as we return, little by little, to normality,” said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

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