Erneuerbare Energien nicht auf Kosten des Verbrauchers

By TPN/Lusa, in Nachrichten · 20-06-2021 10:15:00 · 0 Kommentare

The Minister of Environment and Climate Action has guaranteed that the Government's commitment to renewable energies is not made at the expense of consumers, who will save money when solar plants are in operation.

Speaking in parliament at a debate on sector policy, minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes explained that if the 2019 solar auction plants were in operation, consumers would have saved, since the beginning of the year, around €35 million, which would be €45 million if the second auction (for solar energy) was taken into account.

So we are going to continue, he said, with a new auction, "already in September, now for the water surfaces of the reservoirs".

Initiatives in the environmental area will increase with the Recovery and Resilience Plan, warned the minister, giving as examples of the recovery of rivers, representing an investment of €130 million in bioeconomy, the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, or more buses.

A job that, he warned, needs everyone's effort, because you can't cover the roof of a supermarket with solar panels and then throw away products that are still consumable.

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