In a statement, SEF clarified that the minors, aged 11 and 13, were detected on Monday in the document control of the departure of the flight to Marrakesh, when they were preparing to travel in the company of their father and another younger brother.

"According to information gathered by the SEF in the meantime, the minors were found to have been abducted by their father, in July 2020, at the time of the court decision to place them in the custody of the French Social Services", says the same note.

According to the SEF, the minors were the target of a precautionary measure issued by France, with the indication of “taking all necessary measures for the protection of the minor and bringing him before the competent authorities”.

Taking into account the aforementioned precautionary measures, the children were present at the Family and Minors Court of Matosinhos by elements of the SEF.