Having had the same surgical procedure carried out several years ago in the private sector, I hasten to add at great expense, I can unequivocally state that the SNS is by far and away streets ahead in patient care and clinical thoroughness. My wife also has cause to be grateful to the national health service here having had both shoulders replaced plus a new hip. Testimony to the surgeons skill and nursing aftercare is the fact that at the tender age of 71 she participates in seven sessions each week at a local gym.

In another letter the same week Mr A Davies castigates Portuguese drivers. Whilst the standard of driving on the country’s roads leaves a lot to be desired who knows what nationality the vehicle drivers are. There are reported to be over 500,000 legal residents of foreign origin here in this beautiful country, with many more living under-the-radar. So it is a distinct possibility that the driver, with the Portuguese number plate, who fails to indicate or drives erratically is non Portuguese and has taken the driving test in another country. So I hope that Mr Davis, when next he is troubled by poor driving, stops the vehicle to check the driver’s nationality before suggesting that the only bad road users are Portuguese.

Tavira by email