Yes, cases are rising, but it is clear that the link between ‘cases’ and ‘hospitalizations and deaths’ has been substantially weakened due to the successful roll out of the vaccine, coupled with the fact we are in summer when respiratory diseases are at their least effective. Cases are also higher because we are testing more people, more often including children that are at very low risk from Covid.

In any event, the way the case figures are calculated skews reality. They take the population size at the base level but add any temporary tourists that test positive into the numbers.

And now we have these new restrictive measures in place that will cripple many businesses as we come into the Algarve’s peak holiday time, for no understandable scientific or public health benefit.

So…restaurants have to close at 10:30pm weekdays and 3.30pm on weekends. Why?

Is Covid really more dangerous after these times? Does the government think we all go crazy and lose control?

These restrictions actually force more people to eat at the same time and will lead to much more packed restaurants surely increasing the chance of transmission?

The impact? Loulé restaurants are forced to close, owners lose desperately needed income, staff lose their tips (and in many cases jobs) for what? If you are on a beach restaurant, you can literally have lunch, walk along the beach to Faro Island and carry on drinking there for the rest of the day and night!

Restaurants have invested heavily in making their premises Covid secure. Give them a break and use common sense for the sake of everyone.

It’s not just restaurants that are effected, it’s retailers and service providers. If a beauty treatment facility is following all Covid protocols, again, why should they have to close at 3:30pm at the weekends? At a time when the rest of Europe is opening up and learning to live with the virus, we need strong politicians to make brave and logical decisions.

Here’s to a safe and wonderful Algarvian summer.