"One of the fires is a reappearance of the fire that was active in the area of Carvalhal and Amendoeira, two days ago. It is a very strong reactivation and due to the difficulty of accessing the location, it does not facilitate the task of mastering the fire", the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) of Faro told Lusa agency. The rough terrain and lack of access does not allow firefighters to approach the front of fire and this makes the task of fighting the fire more complicated, the same source added. The CDOS stated that at about 5:30 pm, 74 operational vehicles and three aerial means were at the scene.

The second fire is active near the "locality of Besteiros, also in the municipality of Loulé, but has nothing to do with the first", stressed the same source, quantifying that combatting the fire are 104 operational firefighters, with 30 vehicles and three aerial means. "This fire takes place in a residential area, but the teams are in position and there is no indication of homes in danger," the same source replied, when asked about the existence of homes at risk. The combat teams are encountering some wind, which also "does not make the job easier", he said.

On Wednesday night, firefighters in Loulé, in the district of Faro, predicted "a very long night" of aftermath work after a fire was overrun in a hard-to-reach area. The fire started around 1:30 pm whereby they removed 53 people out of their homes, as a precaution, who were then able to return to their homes at about 10:30 p.m. During the day and on Wednesday night, 232 operational vehicles, supported by 84 vehicles, four transport machines and eight aerial means, were committed to fighting fire.