“One of our goals is to plant, during the four years [of the mandate], more than 20 thousand trees. The commemorations of the Day of the Municipality are the kick-off,” said the mayor, Pedro Pimpão, at Paços do Concelho.

Pedro Pimpão said that he wants “Reflorestar Pombal” to involve schools, parishes, private social solidarity institutions (IPSS) or companies, adding that, in the initial phase, by December, the objective is to plant two thousand trees in the municipality.

The campaign, with the planting of 200 trees, begins in Casalinho, on municipal property, on what the mayor called “Green Sunday”, to appeal to “environmental and ecological issues”.

1,800 autochthonous forest species will then be distributed throughout the 13 parishes of the county, in order to carry out the planting of 2,000 trees by the end of the year.

Pedro Pimpão explained that a stock of autochthonous trees will also be created, to distribute to “schools, IPSS, communities and other civil society organizations”, in order to “increase the planting of trees in the county”.