People are beginning to get their confidence back. Despite the recent restrictions across the UK, this has only increased the need for a getaway in the hearts of millions. Our team has seen a huge surge of reservations already, so it’s time for the villa rental space to give even more people their travel confidence back. The Algarve is already seen as one of the safest and most popular is time we showed this off even more.

Restoring confidence for villa holidays in the Algarve
SandyBlue has already begun helping property owners withsome changes that will attract even the most cautious of tourists. If you want to rent your property in 2021, here are a few ways we could help.

Right now, it’s all about tapping into key trends and addressing these with travel confidence in mind. For example, our longer stays offering has shown how popular in-villa services are. From on-site chefs to massage therapists, having these available will show tourists you have their comfort in mind. Building relationships has been integral to our strategy and we are delighted to know many businesses in the Golden Triangle who can provide amazing services for your guests.

We have mentioned before how new markets have emerged this year. In particular, the rise of the staycation for Portuguese nationals is notable, as well as other European countries showing interest in the Algarve. We understand each country has had a different approach to the events of this year, so analysing enquiries and interest from each market helps us determine who might need that extra boost of confidence. It allows our marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience with the right message.

SandyBlue Longer Stays have also made a huge difference, with increased interest expected for 2021. Offering longer term rentals on your property gives people more peace of mind, while offering them the chance to set up base in the sunny Algarve for a nice extended stay!

Let 2021 be the year of the Algarve
The spirit of the Algarve and its people has been amazing to see in 2020. From initial response to the national crisis to moving forward with a positive mindset, we are proud of the community. Next year, we look forward to welcoming thousands of people back to the region and restoring travel confidence globally.

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