Sousa se retira en Croacia

Por TPN/Lusa, in Deportes · 09-04-2021 01:00:00 · 0 Comentarios

El tenista portugués Pedro Sousa se retiró del partido que disputaba contra Kacper Zuk, durante la primera ronda de la competición Split Challenger, que se celebra en Croacia.

An injury to his left foot led to the withdrawal of the Portuguese number one, who is also 113th in the world ATP ranking, when he was ahead at 2-1, against the 22-year-old from Poland.

“I felt a pain in my left foot before the meeting. I decided to try it, but it didn’t work. I preferred not to take any chances,” said the Lisboner, when speaking to Lusa, after only 12 minutes on court.

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