This exceptional home was originally an important trading post for olive oil and Medronho. Medronho being the strong liquor drink produced in the south of Portugal from the strawberry looking fruit which grows on the medronho tree. The first official records of this “fire water” dates back to 1892 when it was declared a tax exempt product.

The property as a trading post was perfectly located on the fringe of São Bras, just up from the ancient Roman “Calçadinha”. This was a calçada(cobble stone) path which connected Faro to this village and beyond. Today this pretty path is used by locals and tourists for strolls into the idyllic countryside. The front entrance of the building is a few meters from Fonte Nova which was the water source and washing place in days gone by.

In 2017 a Dutch couple bought the property and began a full renovation to transform the building into the very unique one of a kind stylish home it is today. With traditional thick walls, huge white ceiling beams, the clever use of skylight windows and beautiful high quality materials, this home oozes charm. Throughout the property the floors are laid with locally sourced Castle Stone tiles, hand made and coloured making every floor unique. The colour palette and double volume ceilings add a stunning atmosphere to this historic property. And even though this is home in the village centre there is also a very private courtyard with a sparkling full length swimming pool.

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