Apertura de la nueva pasarela de Loulé

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La primera etapa de las pasarelas costeras de Loulé ha sido inaugurada por João Matos Fernandes, Ministro de Medio Ambiente y Acción Climática.

The minister opened the new walkway, which has been designed as a means of encouraging environmental awareness in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, along a route between Quinta do Lago (Ludo) and Praia do Garrão which covers 4.85 kilometres and includes six resting spots.

The second phase of the project will see the city of Quarteira being connected to the route, increasing the walkway to 7.8 kilometres.

“Our aim is to be able to come on foot or by bicycle from the Vilamoura Marina to the outer perimeter of Faro Airport. This is our dream and we will definitely make it come true! ”, said the Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo.

Representing an investment of €3,733,000 this contract also allows for the creation of a car park in Ancão, with 427 spaces and an additional 16 for people with reduced mobility, as well as four areas for motorcycles.

For the Minister of the Environment, the amount invested here constitutes “a significant portion of the even more expressive investment that is being made on the coast by this Government, which is €120 million”.

The Minister responsible for the Environment portfolio concluded by reinforcing the importance of “sharing responsibilities between the central State (ICNF - Nature and Forest Conservation Institute) and municipalities”.

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