Ready-to-drink tonic Port wine in a can

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Wine producer Taylor’s has announced the launch of a ready-to-drink tonic port wine in a can, which hits the market this month in Portugal, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Taylor’s Chip Dry & Tonic is the culmination of two years of work alongside the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto (IVDP), which will undoubtedly help bring more consumers to port,” said Adrian Bridge, Taylor’s managing director.

The IVDP said that it authorised the use of the ‘Portonic’ brand to identify and individualise drinks made with port, often referred to as cocktails.

The use of the brand depends on prior authorisation by the IVDP, namely the labelling of the packaging and approval of the drink. The drink can be presented in bottles, cans or other types of packaging, with different capacities, to be approved by the IVDP.

Meanwhile, several Port wine producers have announced the launch of tonic Port wine in different formats, bottles or cans, such as Quinta da Boeira and Offley, from Sogrape.

For David Guimaraens, Taylor’s winemaker, “this project was a challenge for the winemaking team to select the best ingredients to pair with Taylor’s Chip Dry to ensure the best balance and the most enjoyable and refreshing drink.”

This ‘ready-to-drink’ canned tonic port has 5.5 percent alcohol volume, is intended as a “way to reach new port wine consumers” and will initially be launched in Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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