Preschool children at Colégio Bernardette Romeira start their day with a warm welcome and a positive environment, meeting first in the reception room before starting their activities, where they are accompanied by the kindergarten teacher and the education assistant.

Routines instil emotional stability and a predisposition to learn in all students and following this ethos.The team at the school plan activities and tasks to stimulate creativity and the desire to learn. When the children arrive at their classrooms, they have the opportunity to express themselves in conversations with each other and with adults, exploring possibilities and creative answers to their questions. The playful-pedagogical materials are also a foundation of child development and at the school there are multiple possibilities for learning and to promote intellectual enrichment.

Every week the children are able to benefit from classes in Expression and Movement, Musical Expression, Introduction to the English Language and Psychomotricity with a team of specialised teachers, who monitor their educational process over the school year.

Preschool at Colégio Bernardette Romeira is seen as a pivotal period for the development not only of students’ cognitive skills, but also of their values ​​and personality. Children learn through play, guided by the educator, and share their knowledge with pride and enthusiasm. The early ages are included in the CBR Educational Project “I am a Citizen of the World” and in its transdisciplinary themes; through the planting of trees in school sites, they learn about Nature and their responsibility towards the natural world; through the illustration of display boards they learn about the seasons; through visits to the School Library, they learn to research resources about their interests and the rules of conduct in different school spaces; at break times, they learn to live with each other.

“The School promotes the integration of children in diverse social groups, stimulating their role in society with respect for the plurality of cultures”, says the Pre-School Coordinator, Carla Morais. She adds: “We promote the global development of each child, respecting their individual characteristics and enhancing behaviours that favour meaningful and diversified learning”.

In addition to the educational teams, parents and families are an indispensable part of children’s development, so they are always aware of everything that happens inside the school: through the integration of the school in the ClassDojo online platform, parents can follow their children’s day-to-day lives. The educators share summaries, photos and updates on the ongoing activities on the platform, which the Parents can access at any time of the day. On the platform, the educators also send individual photos and parents can follow their children’s progress on the same day.

When students reach their final year in pre-school, they participate in Transition Activities for the 1st Cycle (primary) in which they receive additional accompaniment to start the 1st year of Primary School.

In such an atypical time, Carla Morais also stresses: “We ensure the best conditions of well-being and safety, namely in the scope of individual and collective health”. In times of pandemic, students pass through a disinfection zone at the entrance of Pre-School and hygiene methods and social distance between students are reinforced - without ever losing the affection and warmth that unites classes to their educators and teachers”.

As of the academic year 2021/2022, the School will also have a Nursery - with a team of excellent professionals to welcome the very youngest students.

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