It was purchased last September with UK registration but was in Portugal and a LHD which was what we wanted. We have gone through an agent who specialises in matriculation and they have been fantastic. The problem is IMT, they have been given all the documentation they have asked for and the vehicle has been given an MOT. IMT are now saying due to new legislation they have to , in their words, Homologise it.

As I understand this is simply to make it official. In order to comply I will have to take the vehicle to the other side of FARO for a visual inspection whichI am told could take 15 minutes. As they have not issued the new log book or number plates I am unable to insure the vehicle and so would be breaking the law on several counts. Apparently they only have three inspectors capable of doing the inspection and have a list of over a hundred campervans to inspect.

Stephen Craggs,
Portimão, By email