No I am not. I am surprised that the numbers do not run into the hundreds of thousands.

Why are cars sold to Portuguese car owners with indicators?

The majority of Portuguese car drivers do not use their indicators to warn other road users of their intentions. When you are waiting to enter the appropriate lane of a roundabout and there are cars circling the roundabout you have no idea whatsoever which exit they are planning to use. 90% of Portuguese drivers do not use the simplest of methods to warn you, ie, their indicators. In most countries it is good practice and the law to indicate to warn other road users of your intentions. At junctions, turning off the highway, overtaking or pulling off from a stationary position are other occasions when you would expect the driver of the vehicle to indicate and warn other road users of his/her intentions!

No that’s too easy, why use these little plastic stems fixed to the steering column, let them guess, I’ve never used them before so why start now! Maybe when it’s time to sell the car & achieve a better price, the owner can advertise that the indicators, both left & right, front & rear are brand new! never been used!

Speed limit signs! What do the black numbers on a white background, with a red circle represent?

How many Portuguese drivers know the answer to this one!

Are there prizes awarded to drivers who do not stop when accessing a roundabout, can circumnavigate the roundabout at the fastest speed possible then exit the roundabout without indicating. Very clever!
I have seen this Portuguese road show many times, especially when you are part of an audience sat in a cafeteria near the roundabout.

Does the Portuguese driving test involve lessons or tuition on how one should use a cars indicators, know what speed limit signs mean and inform drivers that roundabouts are constructed to guide road users to their destination, not for entertainment.

I’ve been lucky up to now, but for how long can this last with drivers who do not know or respect the Highway code.

Mr A Davies, By email