Portugal eases lockdown further

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The new measures taken by the Government under the new easing of lockdown phase came into force on Thursday, having been brought forward in relation to the scheduled day, which was supposed to be Monday.

Since Thursday, in all municipalities in mainland Portugal, except for Braga, Lisbon, Odemira and Vale de Cambra, which did not advance to the new phase, restaurants and coffee shops (maximum of six people inside or 10 people on terraces) can admit clients until midnight and have to be closed at 01:00 am and cultural facilities can work until 01:00.

Public transport can circulate with a capacity of two-thirds or with a full capacity in case they have only seats; capacity for weddings and baptisms remains limited to 50 percent of the space; and the practice of sports can now have spectators in the case of amateur sports, with reserved seats and capacity restricted to 33 percent of the space.

In taxis, front seats cannot be used by passengers.

Covid-19 diagnostic tests are now mandatory for access to sporting, cultural and family events, including weddings and baptisms.

However, the mandatory testing at family events is now made from a number of guests that will be determined by the General Directorate of Health (DGS).

Companies with more than 150 workers in the same job also have to test employees and remote work is no longer mandatory in most municipalities.

For the four municipalities that remain in the 4th phase of easing of lockdown plan, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries are allowed to operate, either on weekdays or on weekends, until 22:30, with the limitation restricted to a maximum of six people per table inside and 10 people per table on the terraces; Commerce in general can be open until 9:00 pm on weekdays and until 7:00 pm on weekends and holidays; cultural shows are limited to 22:30; and remote working remains mandatory whenever activities allow it.

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