Vacunación sin cita previa para mayores de 55 años

Por TPN/Lusa, in Noticias, COVID-19 · 17-06-2021 17:36:00 · 0 Comentarios

Vaccination against Covid-19 without the need for scheduling and is now available for people aged at least 55 years old, instead of the previous minimum of 60 years, announced the task force responsible for the process on 17 June.

"From 17 June the 'open house' mode becomes available for vaccination with first doses of users over 55 years of age," says a note released by the team led by Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, who created this system to "ensure that all eligible people are able to access the vaccination process."

The task force also recalled that vaccination under this system requires users to "mandatorily" go to the vaccination centre where they are registered at the health centre, which normally corresponds to their area of residence.

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