Book Review - The New Portuguese Table: Exciting Flavors from Europe’s Western Coast: A Cookbook, by David Leite

Por Sandra Pereira, in Estilo de Vida, Libros · 18-06-2021 01:00:00 · 0 Comentarios

We all have our favourite Portuguese dishes.

Now you can explore a variety of familiar ingredients, but in modern dishes. This book covers 11 historical regions as well as Madeira and the Azores. We explore the food, culture and traditional dishes. The author looks at go-to ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, beans, peppers and bay leaves, and shows new ways to use them in food. There are over 100 recipes and they range from caldo verde, to scrambled eggs with fresh cod, and the delicious potato skin curls with herbs.
The author is a noted Portuguese American food writer and publisher of the award winning website “Leite’s Culinaria”.

This is not just a cookbook; I see this as part travelogue. If you are unable to travel to Portugal this year, this book is a great way to enjoy the sights and food.

The book is beautifully illustrated and a modern take on the food we all know and love. A must have for the modern chef.

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