Pinetrees celebra su 36º aniversario

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El equipo del Centro Hípico Pinetrees sabe cómo celebrar con estilo.

On Saturday, 12 June, a group of 18 staff and volunteers filled the restaurant space with three tables at Marc and Ana Alban’s Quarteira restaurant, Bácaro. ““It was the first time for all of us at this cosy, comfortable restaurant where we were well looked after by our hosts.

Everyone had pre-chosen from a choice of cannelloni, fillet of Sea Bass, or beef, so the chef Marc, a native of Venice, was able to produce some exceptional quality genuine Italian food for us accompanied by a fine choice of wines.”
“Orlando and Vítor, of Votransfers, were our chauffeurs for the evening so, as you can imagine, everyone was able to let their hair down...”

“Why the party? Well partly because Pinetrees was started in 1985 and partly because we just deserved it after the stresses and strains of the Covid year. Actually, we have to also thank our accountant Carlos Reis who made a successful application for funding for businesses hit by Covid. Some of this money was put into circulation with the evening out, including a cake from Pastelaria Charlotte and gifts for the team from local shops in Loulé,

Thus, the initiative helped local businesses, and, a great time was had by all.”

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