Amazing Experiences was formed in January, "in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic", and represents an investment of €200,000, for the acquisition of the 12 metre long sailboat with a maximum capacity for ten people and two crew.
Manuela Pereira "is confident that the project will respond to a gap in nautical tourism operating from Viana do Castelo to the North of Portugal and Galicia".

"With the end of the pandemic, this will be an emerging sector and it was an offer that did not exist in Viana do Castelo. Our concept fills a very large gap in the capital of Alto Minho", said the manager.

The seven-day trips include a trip to the Cíes islands and the Douro river, in Porto, with a train journey from Ferradosa station and then on a second smaller boat, to the mouth of the river Sabor, to discover the deep Douro".

"The value of the trips can vary between €300 and €10,000 because it depends on the experience that each tourist wants. They are exclusive, personalised and unique trips with a skipper, a butler and a tour guide on board. All the products served come from the region, promoting local gastronomy," she said.