34% of Madeira with complete vaccination

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Of the approximately 260,000 residents in Madeira, 34 percent already have had their full vaccination against covid-19 and 43 percent have received the first dose.

“Until June 20, 193,648 vaccines against covid-19 had been administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira”, reads the vaccination bulletin distributed today.

The covid-19 vaccination process in the region began on December 31, 2020.

The health authorities of Madeira indicate that, of the total number of vaccines administered, 108,598 correspond to the first dose and 85,050 were second doses of the vaccine.

“This means that 34 percent of the resident population has already completed vaccination and 43 percent a single dose of vaccine”, is indicated in the note.

In the last week, it is reported, "11,596 vaccines were administered, of which 3,499 were first doses and 8,097 second doses."

The vaccination program will continue this week throughout the region, including Porto Santo, with vaccination scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the note reads.

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