According to the weekly vaccination report released by DGS, 2,947,718 people already have the complete vaccination and 4,688,551 have been vaccinated with the first dose, which is equivalent to 46 percent of the population.

In the last seven days, 720,121 vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been administered, the report adds.

By age groups, 98 percent (659,804) of the elderly over 80 have already taken the first dose and 93 percent (629,221) have now completed the vaccination, followed by the 65 to 79 age group, with 96 percent (1,543,716) vaccinated with the first dose, a percentage that drops to 59 percent (945,894) with regard to two doses.

In the group between 50 and 64 years, 73 percent (1,575,758) have also received the first dose and 43 percent (918,951) have completed the vaccination.

The DGS also indicates that 26 percent (861,058) of people between 25 and 49 years have been vaccinated with the first dose and 13 percent (420,176) are fully vaccinated.

By regions, the Alentejo leads in vaccination coverage, with 34 percent of the population fully vaccinated, followed by the Centre and Madeira (33 percent), the North (31 percent), the Azores and Algarve (27 percent) and Lisbon and Tagus Valley (24 percent).

In terms of the number of doses administered, the North is the first region of the country, with 2,649,426 vaccines, closely followed by Lisbon and Tagus Valley (2,552,100), followed by the Centre (1,362,741), Alentejo (401,239), Algarve (298,448), Madeira (193,648) and the Azores (172,658).

In total, Portugal received 8,604,606 vaccines against Covid-19, and 7,566,600 doses were distributed to vaccination posts and autonomous regions.