With a waiting list of tenants for high-end long-term rental properties, Luz Living will be an excellent investment for those who choose to invest in the project in order to rent out their apartment. The payment options available will provide flexibility for those who know they will become a resident, those who want their Luz Living purchase to act as an investment, or those who are unsure if they may wish to rent out initially and occupy their property later.

Luz Living’s potential tenants are currently part of one of the following groups:

• Pre-retired or retired couples or singles who are retiring to Portugal, a country with a range of advantages including an income-based retirement program known as the D7, and a low tax regime;

• Existing expat residents looking to move from properties that become too busy or noisy in the summer months, or downsize from properties that have become too large to manage or too isolated from regular social contact with friends;

• Those looking to try out the region in an exclusive property, but part of an authentic Portuguese environment.

Investors looking for asset-backed returns, with a low-risk project, sensible stage payments and substantial deferred final payment, will find Luz Living to be an exceptional fit. The investor offer is available to both individual, retail investors as well as institutional investors.

What is luz Living?

• The Algarve's first coastal residential luxury condominium

• There are only 38 properties available in this unique project. Several units have already been reserved,

1-bedroom garden apartments with pool views, of up to 60m² (640 sqft) plus outside terrace/garden areas up to 60m² (640 sqft) start at €275,000 including garage worth €17,500 and private lock-up storage.

2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments with pool and garden views, of up to 76m² (810 sqft) plus outside terraces of up to 39m² (420 sqft) start at €475,000 including garage worth €17,500 and private lock-up storage (see special offer *below).

• 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments with pool and garden (and in some cases a small sea) views, of up to 96m² (1030 sqft) plus outside terraces of up to 39m² (420 sqft) start at €549,000 including garages worth up to €35,000 and private lock-up storage.

• 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments with sea, pool and garden views, of up to 92m² (990 sqft) plus outside terraces of up to 17m² (183 sqft) starting at €549,000 including garages worth up to €62,500 and private lock-up storage.

• Luxury finishes, underfloor heating, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, A+ energy rating, electric car charging pre-installation, etc.

• Full planning. Building license has been issued. Construction estimated to complete by Q4 2023

What purchase options do buyers and investors have?

STANDARD PURCHASE: Pay a reservation, sign promissory contract, make stage payments and pay 40% on completion

DISCOUNTED PURCHASES: 10% discount on five (5) ground floor 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments. Early discount prices €436,500 for reservations signed before October 15th, 2021

INVESTOR OFFER: after completion, your unit will be resold, and after deducting the remaining 40% from the sales proceeds, the developer will share the profits 60-40% in the investor’s favour.

In addition, investors will have the option of continuing to defer the final payment while benefiting from a reduced monthly rental, should they decide to live in their apartment.

The investor option:

a worked example

• Apartment price: €549,000

• Reservation: €10,000

• 10% (less reservation) on promissory contract: €44,900

• 5 stage payments of 10% (€54,900) each, spread over 2 years. Total stage payments: €274,500

• For investors, 40% (€219,600) deferred until resale

• If apartment is resold for €650,000, then you will earn 60% * (€650,000-€549,000) = €60,600

• This would be an estimated 27.6% return on your capital invested (based on an average investment of €219,600 over a 2-year period)

• Please note that even if you initially buy to live and later circumstances change and you decide to resell, that decision can be taken on completion.

More information about Luz Living, as well as videos and a virtual tour of the condominium, can be found at www.luz-living.com, or by e-mailing info@luz-living.com for more information. Contact the team for a short video of the worked example of the investor offer. Our local contact is +351 965 683 054, or check the web site for our international numbers. The Luz Living team welcomes contact from funds and institutional investors looking for low-risk portfolio diversification.

Disclaimer: Any and all forward-looking statements such as, but not limited to, “estimated”, “projected”, “profits” are subject to market and other conditions and factors, and are not guaranteed. All investors are encouraged to take independent tax, financial or legal advice from duly regulated sources.