With travel restricted, people began to see that while travel is essential for economies and happiness, there could be more sustainable approaches to doing so. At SandyBlue, we have always recognised the importance of sustainability.

We really care about the Algarve, and the planet, so we believe as a business that small changes make a lasting impact. Joining us on this mission were our many owner partners who also recognised the importance of this for villa rental strategies in the future.

So, the seventh step in our ‘Ten steps to villa rental success’ is ‘sustainability’. It’s about thinking of new ways to improve how the villa operates in a greener, more ethical way. Believe us when we say that this really does attract more guests!

How SandyBlue approach sustainability

Led by SandyBlue co-owners Joe Mountain and Anastasia Takield, our green mission was simple - lessen our environmental footprint without compromising the quality of our guests’ experience by increasing the use of more eco-friendly, sustainable methods of operation.

From waste reduction by switching to paperless operations to minimising water usage, the small steps we have taken so far have made a big difference.

In the previous instalment of our ‘ten steps to success’ series, we discussed the importance of close partnerships with local businesses. This absolutely ties into our sustainable approach too, as these companies also have a desire to operate in a sustainable way. Using local suppliers, switching to locally sourced, eco-friendly amenities and encouraging best recycling practices from local producers and villa owners is a mission we really care about.

Our hard work culminated in being awarded a silver certificate from Green Tourism. Our guests have loved seeing this and it will certainly be a deciding factor for who tourists book their holidays with beyond 2021.

What does sustainability mean for villa owners?

Travellers are more mindful and eco-conscious than ever before. In a 2021 study by Deloitte, 42% of consumers revealed that they chose companies and brands that have environmentally sustainable practices.

This figure should not be ignored, as more people look towards a greener future. For villa owners, it can be tricky to quickly change the way your villa operates to suit these rising trends. However, our operations team worked closely with owners to ensure they were making the right changes for their property, while having an eco-friendly goal in mind.

This has definitely paid off for our existing owners, while our additional eco-friendly services maintain their properties in an ethical way. Our window cleaning service has been a big success while our housekeeping teams keep villas looking fabulous with environmentally friendly products.

Embracing the future of travel

A dedication to eco-friendly travel will continue to be a big part of the SandyBlue values. Furthermore, as a villa rental company in the Algarve, we simply cannot ignore rising trends. Our dynamic and proactive approach, as outlined in our previous articles, allows us to constantly keep villa owners and their properties on the map.

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