Another new way to holiday, or should we say to work remotely, is the ‘workation’. What exactly is a workation? At first, it seemed to be yet another buzzword within the travel industry - however, it seems this is not the case.

More people are choosing to work remotely in warmer climates, be it individually or in their work teams. The Algarve is quickly becoming a popular choice for these trips - the team at SandyBlue have seen a surge of enquiries from guests who are looking to work in one of our properties.

Why is this trend rising?

In a recent poll by GlobalData, results showed a high preference for less time in the office post Covid-19 with 29% of global respondents only wishing to visit the office monthly, quarterly, or when requested by management. The way people want to work is changing - despite most of the world being thrust into a remote working set up, people soon realised their productivity improved.

Now, people are looking to elevate this new way of working. Who wouldn’t want to spend their lunch break enjoying a dip in their own private pool? Management teams are also beginning to take note of this. One of the SandyBlue villas recently hosted a team of 6 from a company in the UK, who used the opportunity to work on important projects while growing more productive as a team! As we have observed this trend really take off, we were sure to advise our villa owner partners on how to jump on board with the workation concept!

Offering the perfect workation

So what does a workation entail and what are guests looking for? Obviously, it’s all about the work - guests will want to find a property that will be fully equipped with everything they need to complete their important tasks. SandyBlue ensures that villas have the fastest Wi-Fi, so that professional lives certainly won’t come to a standstill and guests can really enjoy being productive. Comfortable furnishings that can accommodate a working day is also a top priority.

It’s all about highlighting what the Algarve can offer too. The many walking, running and cycling trails offer fantastic opportunities to step away from work and wind down. Another positive for the Algarve’s rising popularity for workations is the time difference. Being conveniently located in the London time zone, UK guests in particular will not find it hard to arrange team meetings.

Would you take a workation?

This trend is definitely on the rise, so we are encouraging our owner partners to embrace it. The temptation to work in a sunnier climate will certainly be high and even whole teams are considering experimental workations. As always, SandyBlue is ready to help all property owners in the Algarve adapt to travel trends and get their properties on the map!

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