Singing together during our rehearsals and our concerts is joyful, singing barbershop style is about enjoying close harmony chords, singing with passion and engaging the audience.

We are around 26 singers and we need men!

Look at our numbers: International, yes we are: 10 nationalities.

Mixed: not so much! 4 men and 22 women, something must be done!

Bella a Cappella sings Java Jive

Both beginners and experienced singers are welcome. You need a musical heart and knowledge of English, but nothing more.

Come and feel the atmosphere, listen to our music and see if it works for you.

Meet us at our rehearsals on Wednesdays at 7:30pm at the Re-Criativa Association Rua da Républica, 14, in Olhão.

Have a look at our website: Contact us: , Emmy Wijsman:(Nederlands) 925 993 644, Patricia Nascimento (English/Portuguese) 913 509 801, Andrea Knopfle (Deutsch/Portuguese) 962 932 978, Rob Does (Musical Director) 912 057 305