“The number of thefts committed in the transportation of valuables in 2020 increased by 40.0 percent (from 10 to 14), it should be noted that, in terms of the amounts stolen, these reached the amount of 240,940 Euros”, reads the Annual Report of Private Security (RASP).

The document recalls that the Judiciary Police has €15,000 as the reference value for the legal framework of the need to use cash transportation using mandatory security measures.

The RASP, approved by the Private Security Council, states that the PSP and GNR carried out 7,638 inspection actions directed at the private security activity, which resulted in the detection of 32 criminal situations for the illicit exercise of security and the registration of 1,673 administrative offenses.

In the case of the Public Security Police, which since 2007 has ensured through the Department of Private Security the licensing, regulation and inspection of the economic sector of private security, carried out 4,092 inspection actions, registering a decrease compared to previous years.

According to the PSP, there were 1,538 infractions, of which 1,508 were of administrative nature and 30 were of criminal, in line with the continuous decrease since 2018, as well as nine arrests.

The Republican National Guard carried out 3,546 inspections within the scope of private security in 2020, "a considerable increase over the year 2019".

This inspection, which focused on the exercise of private security activity, resulted in two criminal offenses, one arrest and 165 infractions.