These are the words you hear at the start of every episode of Pawn Stars. If you are not familiar with the show it follows three generations of the Harrison family. They run a pawn shop and we get to watch as they buy the most interesting objects. We also get the history of the object. The stories of the customers, at times, are also intriguing.

The show introduced us to Rick; his son, Big Hoss; and Rick’s dad, the Old Man, who has sadly passed away. We also get to meet Chumlee. They each get a chapter and there is definitely more to them than the characters they portray on the show.

Rick also has items he has purchased which he has no intention of selling like three Olympic bronze medals, a Patriots Super Bowl ring and a Samurai sword from 1490.

The book affords us a view of behind the scenes of the hit show. We also learn about Rick’s life and after the birth of his son how he quit drinking and started the business with his dad.

Rick comes across as smart and his life story up till now is fascinating. His love of history and objects are clearly evident. The show was Rick’s idea and he worked for years to get it made.

I am a fan of the show and I enjoyed the book. A must for all fans!