Between 15 and 18 August, the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) took part in the Loop Summer 2021, the most recognized Luxury Travel Show aimed at markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The event, which takes place in Frankfurt, brings together the main agents in the industry dedicated to luxury tourism and promoted over three days strategic business meetings and networking among the participants.

According to ATA: “The promotion of the region among travelers looking for quality, exclusivity and luxury experiences has been one of the Algarve Tourism's goals, with a view to the sustainable development of the region as a tourist destination. In the current context of pandemic, this goal has been even more important as, more than ever, the growth in value and the perception of the high quality".

The head of the Algarve Tourism Board, João Fernandes said: “We have been intensifying the effort to attract tourists from a medium/high end of the market, with purchasing power, who appreciate more sustainable tourism and are less sensitive to the price factor”.

“The presence at Loop Summer 2021, where we are taking part for the first time, is a strategic plan, taking into account that it allows us to contact directly with travel agencies and tour operators specialised in this type of tourism and that work with the German market, the second most important foreign market for our region, after the United Kingdom”, he added.

In this context, ATA is committed to further improving the experience of those who visit the region. “The Algarve has all the conditions to respond to the high level of demand from luxury tourists. More than ostentation, this type of traveler is looking for new and exclusive experiences, authenticity, personalized service and attention to detail”, revealed João Fernandes.

“The richness and distinctive characteristics of the region's tourism offer show its potential in this regard. These tourists are delighted not only with the diversity of luxury accommodation or Michelin star restaurants that they can find in the Algarve, but also with the beauty of our natural landscapes and, above all, with the interaction they get with the local community, and with the possibility of discovering, in a genuine way, the history, culture and gastronomy of the region”, he concluded