Lawyers, brokers, government, they all take their cut and you’ll be right in watching out for those excessive and unnecessary costs. But is a home inspection something that you should consider as an unnecessary cost?

More than just an important tool for your acquisition strategy, a home valuation and inspection report can become a dealbreaker, avoiding you a ruinous journey that might cost you far more in the long term. So, is this really a step you want to jump to save a little cash?

A Chartered Surveyor can provide an expert opinion that can change your decision for the better at an insignificant price. Home valuation and inspection reports have as a goal to reveal not only if the purchase price is right, but also and most importantly, if the condition of a home and its basic systems are as you’ve been told. What may look like a simple repair or maintenance can be in fact be a hidden cash drainer that you would want to consider before buying.

But a home inspection can also reveal darker issues not visible to the most trained eyes and this has to do with the legality of the constructions. Altered attics, garages, basements, or other areas built without permit are common and this could have a significant impact on insurance, taxes or most importantly in obtaining a mortgage and in value, because you might be acquiring something that in fact doesn’t exist on the legal papers.

Before buying you should make sure that you learn as many details as you can about the property that you may soon call home. Home inspections reveal the inner details of the property allowing you to be prepared and informed of the quality of your new home and investment.

So if you’re acquiring your future home or vacation home, a valuation and inspection report presents an opportunity for you to ask for a price adjustment or to require the seller to provide repairs leading you to a better and safer deal.

Make sure your decisions for a lifetime are well supported.

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