According to the “Safe Cities Index 2021”, published by “The Economist” which lists the 60 safest cities in the world to visit, the capital of Portugal appears in 28th place in the global safety analysis, a parameter which is considered to be high, with 70.1 points out of a possible 100. In terms of digital security, Lisbon maintains the 28th place, but drops in the score, registering 64.3 points.

The biggest fall for the capital was seen when analysing health or health security, with Lisbon taking the 49th position, behind cities such as New Delhi, Bogota, Bombay, Jakarta, Riyadh, Taipe or Quito.

Lisbon was seen to do very well in terms of infrastructure safety, occupying 28th place, but with 77.4 points, which places the city in the “very high” parameter.

The best position, however, is achieved in the analysis referring to personal safety, in which Lisbon rises to 9th place, with 76.9 points.

Finally, in environmental safety, Lisbon, once again occupied the 28th position, with 74.3 points.

It should be noted that the global ranking is led by the city of Copenhagen/Denmark (82.4 points). In the segmented analyses, Sydney/Australia appear as the leader in digital security (83.2 points); Tokyo/Japan in health and health security (with 87.7 points); Hong Kong/China on Infrastructure Security (93.4 points); Copenhagen/Denmark in personal safety (86.4 points); and, finally, Wellington/New Zealand in environmental security (91.7 points).