Among the European destinations most sought after by Americans for the 4th of July holiday, Portugal is only surpassed by Spain. With regard to prices, the consultant says that Portugal does however offers flights with the most affordable prices.

While Portugal appears with more than 13 million searches, ahead of Greece (with 11.7 million), Italy (with 10.3 million) and France (with 9.6 million), the top of the table belongs to Mexico, a destination that registered 36 million searches. Spain appears in second place and the first European destination searched for in this ranking, thanks to more than 20 million searches.

Regarding prices, Mabrian indicates that the most competitive prices for direct flights (one trip) from the USA are destinations in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, with values ​​not exceeding €350. The most expensive prices for direct flights from the USA to Europe are destined for Greece, with Mabrian pointing to average values ​​of €1,000.

For Europe, Portugal appears, again, well classified, with the lowest values ​​among European destinations, with an average price of €670.

On average, prices for European destinations start at €855.