In the images, recorded in the early afternoon of today, it is possible to see the wind increasing and picking up various objects.

Afonso Reis Cabral, who is Eça de Queirós' great-great-grandson, can also be heard commenting, with surprise, on what he is looking at.

In the comments, the writer's followers react with shock, "how scary", writes one of them.

The parishes of Alcântara and Alvalade were the most affected in Lisbon today due to bad weather.

The Civil Protection of Lisbon registered 89 occurrences today due to bad weather, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, mainly affecting the parishes of Alvalade and Alcântara, with several floods, damaged trees and vehicles.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the director of the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Lisbon, Margarida Castro Martins, said, around 17:20, that the most affected parishes were those of Alvalade and Alcântara, with 18 and 12 occurrences, respectively, during those two hours.

By typology, she added, the strong wind and rain caused, above all, floods in public and private spaces, "numerous fallen trees" and "many vehicles being damaged".

The roof of the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome warehouse, on Avenida de Ceuta, in Alcântara, was also damaged, with part of the roof flying into the train line, she said.

Low intensity tornado

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), the Alcântara area was affected by “a low intensity tornado”.

Patrícia Marques, meteorologist on duty, explained to Lusa that it was “a supercell, which passed by with a lot of activity and made a rotational movement that will have resulted in the image similar to a funnel”.

The “extreme wind phenomenon” was detected by IPMA radar data and was “short-lived in time”.