Data compiled by Cinco Dias show that the difference between general and food inflation between May and August was 4.84 percentage points, placing Portugal in third place among the various Member States. In practice, this means that food prices have risen more than prices in general.

Germany leads the list with 7.27 points, followed by Sweden with a difference of 5.00 points. The average in the European Union (EU) is 5.24 points, according to the Spanish newspaper.

Prices continue to rise and, currently, buying a basket of essential food already costs 209.98 euros, according to a price monitoring by DECO Proteste.

"Buying a basket of essential foodstuffs currently requires an expense of 209.98 euros. This value corresponds to 14.35% more compared to that recorded on the eve of the beginning of the armed conflict with Ukraine", says the consumer protection organisation.

This means that, between February 23 and November 16, since the beginning of the war, the food basket has increased by 26.35 euros.