“Time has been on our side.” Another box gets shoved in. “Some more room?” Anita hoists a crate of cuddly toys. Jenny, President of APAA, and her stalwart ‘Pop-Up’ main-woman, are ready to take-off to one of their many venues. “Where are we today?” She may well ask. Since the 3rd of November they have covered four ‘Pop-Ups’ and have another three to go. Their energy and commitment is obvious. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, have a huge project to deliver, not just once, but for all-time. “SNiP!” Jenny explains. “Stands for Spaying and Neutering Programme. Not just abandoned dogs, and for the rising number of cats within the cat colonies.” The door slams on Anita’s jeep as she gets ready to take off. “Some people have found a dog, want to keep it, which is good for us, but need help with surgery, care. That sort of thing.”

Looking at the table of fees is a mind-boggling experience. The neutering of a dog, costs vary according to weight. Unfortunately, the dumpees are usually large. So the cost can be as expensive as 200€ not including, feeding, pre-care, aftercare, and re-homing. “Males are a lot easier.” Jenny is not joking. “Their problem is exterior. Whereas, the females it is an internal invasive operation.” Sadly a lot of the females are pregnant. Or have ‘teet’ problems from feeding too many puppies. Overbreeding is causing all sorts of horrible side issues. “The money we raise from our ‘Pop-Ups’ is extraordinarily helpful. Of course, we have a membership, which is a steady, reliable income. Along with our two charity shops.” Jenny waves off Anita’s jeep disappearing in the distance. “So, that’s why we rely on our ‘Pop-Ups’. Thanks to our communities generosity, we are managing to continue our SNiP’ping” Jenny is disappearing into her van. “We are so grateful to everyone.” Looking at the list the feeding and vaccination fees, range from 110€ to 120€ per dog per month, depending on size, some are cheaper. One can see why ‘Pop-Ups’ have become even more important. Grinning. “Without them who knows where we would be?” A wave.

‘Pop-Up’ Venues: Christmas Special Friday 02 December ‘O Tasco’ 12-3pm Senhora do Verde. Monday 05 December ‘Pararreinha at Odelouca. An Xtra SpeXial event. 4-6pm Topping the Bill, Man-Cave stuff. Tools, equipment for the house and garden. For the ladies, Christmas fayre, and presents. Finally, APAA, Fi-line fashions, and artist Gill Goode gather together Friday 09 December ‘Recanto dos Mouros in Silves, 12-3pm. Book lunch 1.00pm events.apaaportugal@gmail.com. Information, re-homing, membership info.apaaportugal@gmail.com.