Inês de Sousa Real from the People-Animals-Natureza party delivered a bill to the Assembly of the Republic to inscribe in the Labour Code and the General Labour Law in Public Functions that "a worker has the right to justifiably miss work a day of work due to the death of a pet that is registered in the Company Animal Information System (SIAC) in their name".

PAN also wants workers to be able to "miss work up to five days a year to provide urgent and essential assistance, in case of illness or accident" of their pet.

"To justify the absence, the worker must provide proof of the unavoidable and essential nature of the assistance or a statement proving the death of the pet animal, issued by a competent entity, namely by the veterinarian or the entity where the medical-veterinary care was provided", states to the diploma.

In the bill, Inês de Sousa Real points out that "companion animals are increasingly seen by the Portuguese as an integral part of their household" and refers that "studies show that more than 50% of Portuguese households have a pet".

The deputy considers that "the family is increasingly considered as multispecies" and indicates that, "for many people who live alone or in a situation of social vulnerability, animals are even, many times, their only company".

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