"The majority (39%) plan to spend between €100 and €250 on gifts and 29% between €250 and €500. Only 9% plan to spend more than €500, while 23% prefer to cut costs and spend up to €100 ", according to a statement reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

Regarding the number of people to whom they will give gifts, 46% of respondents answered between five and 10 people, 27% only up to five people, and 27% intend to offer to more than 10 people.

More than half (64%) want to maintain the tradition of shopping in physical stores, however, 36% of consumers already intend to do their Christmas shopping online.

"In this study, 71% of consumers reveal that they plan to buy their Christmas gifts in advance and only 29% usually buy on impulse. Thus, 45% indicate that they have the habit of buying gifts weeks in advance, 36% buy a month in advance and 8% only buy on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, 7% buy months before and 5% prefer to buy after Christmas, at the time of sales".

Regarding the choice of gifts, the study reveals that 35% give preference to items with discounts, 33% give priority to the quality of products, 17% like to offer gifts with more originality, 10% are concerned with buying sustainable gifts and 6% reveal that the brand of products prevails in their choice.