"The average amount to spend on Christmas shopping is 377 euros", against 398 euros, which represents a decrease of 5.2%, according to the "Christmas Shopping Study 2022", carried out between November 26 and December 9 in mainland Portugal, with a sample composed of 480 individuals, over 18 years old.

When comparing "the amounts to be spent in 2022 with 2021, we realize that 42% of respondents say they will spend a lower amount", reads the document.

A quarter (25.1%) of respondents say they will not buy Christmas presents, and in households with children, Christmas presents are all for the children.

Overall, more than two-thirds (67%) of respondents say they buy Christmas gifts for their spouse and 63% for parents, siblings, and other family members", with only 30% of respondents referring to the intention of buying gifts for friends, according to the study.

A quarter of the Portuguese intend to do all their shopping online and a fifth in shopping centres, with 10% preferring high street shopping.

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