The Ministry of Health has decided to assign an update on the December salary to 15,198 nurses from the National Health Service (SNS). Payment will be retroactive to January 2022.

The Ministry supervised by Manuel Pizarro admits that this compromise was only reached "with the commitment and dialogue" between the Government and the unions that represent these workers over the last few months.

"Within the framework of sustainability and budgetary responsibility of the SNS, the salary progression of nurses, suspended for almost 20 years, is unfrozen, which will allow around 20,000 nurses to move up one or two pay grades, in a fair progression that distinguishes and compensates SNS professionals", they add.

This will apply to both nurses with an employment contract in public functions (CTFP) and those with an employment contract (CIT), "recognizing, from the outset, the contribution of all to the functioning of institutions of health".

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