Speaking to Lusa, the president of the HCP, Inês Homem Cunha, said that she knew "very little" about the issue and that a meeting with the council has been scheduled.

“The Câmara de Lisboa inspected the Hot Clube, here a few weeks ago, then returned a week ago, and now it has informed us that the building has structural damage, that it is a danger and therefore cannot function”, said Inês Homem Cunha.

“We received an order to close and we complied immediately”, she added, with no reopening forecast.

The HCP is located in Praça da Alegria, in a building that is now only occupied by the institution created in 1950.

Hot Clube de Portugal, the oldest active European jazz club, was officially founded on March 19, 1948, when Luiz Villas-Boas, a music lover and its founder, filled out membership form number one - a form that remains in the institution's assets.

Along with the club and the Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School, part of Hot's work also involves the museum centre, based mainly on the estate left by the founder, who died in 1999.

Hot Clube also has had its own record label since 2014.