Prepared by the Emigration Observatory, a research centre at Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, the document indicates that in 2021 there were 1,377 Portuguese detained abroad, 123 more than in the previous year.

Of these, 697 were in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, with the overwhelming majority being male (82%).

On the European continent, there were Portuguese detainees in the United Kingdom (263), France (242), Switzerland (192), Spain (167), Luxembourg (117) and Germany (116), representing a total of 1,097 of the 1,198 arrests registered in the Europe.

Outside Europe, the authors of the report identified 179 detained citizens, with Brazil being, once again, the country with the highest number of detentions of national citizens outside the European space (99).

Of the Portuguese detained abroad, 429 were in prison, in compliance with a conviction, and 170 in preventive custody.

Also in compliance with the conviction, 96 were on parole or house arrest. Nine had an international arrest warrant and one was serving a mandatory community or social work sentence.

Regarding 672 detainees, the authorities of the countries did not provide information.

The authors indicate that the number of Portuguese detained abroad rose compared to the same period in 2020 – 123 more, equivalent to an increase of approximately 10%, registering an increase in detainees in Europe (149 more) and a decrease outside Europe (minus 26).

The number of detainees in effective prison has decreased (26 less), compared to an increase in the number of people in pre-trial detention (56 more).

In the period under review, 371 Portuguese were expelled, removed or deported to Portugal, of which 276 came from European countries (74%) and 95 from the rest of the world (26%).