Lisbon's PSP Metropolitan Command carried out several police operations between midnight and 11:59 pm on January 14, in which 51 people were arrested, hundreds of doses of narcotics were seized and 44 traffic accidents were recorded.

According to a statement from the Public Security Police (PSP), a total of 51 people were arrested - "11 for driving under the influence of alcohol, eight for driving without a license, 12 for drug trafficking, four for disobedience, three for detention or trafficking in prohibited weapons, one for domestic violence, two for resistance and coercion against an employee, five crimes against property, three for violation of the domicile and one for falsification of documents and a warrant".

Following the police action, "three bladed weapons and a firearm", "503 doses of cannabis, 20.5 doses of cocaine, and more than 46 doses of heroin" were also seized.