SEF data shows that Portugal registered, at the end of last year, 757,252 foreigners with residence, an increase verified for the seventh consecutive year and 58,365 (8.3 percent) more than in 2021.

According to the SEF, Brazilian citizens remain the main foreign community residing in the country, with a total of 233,138 people, 28,444 more (13 percent) than in 2021.

Indian residents in Portugal also increased by 13 percent in 2022, from 30,251 to 34,232, and are now the fourth most numerous community in the country.

Nepalese became part of the 10 largest foreign communities in Portugal, with 23,441 citizens legally residing in the country, now taking the place of the Chinese.

According to the SEF, the main foreign communities residing in Portugal are citizens of Brazil (233,138), the United Kingdom (36,639), Cape Verde (35,744), India (34,232), Italy (33,707), Angola (30,417), France (27,614), Ukraine (26,898), Romania (23,967) and Nepal (23,441).

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