"The minister only reinforced his confidence and support for the proposal presented by TAP, which I think institutionally he should have done. He wished the assembly good luck, but in reality it was basically a constructive, informal conversation, demonstrating or raising awareness for the importance of the moment and the importance that the strike could have for the financial health of the company. We are sensitive to this, we have always said that a strike is not what we want and we don’t do this lightly", said Ricardo Penarroias, in statements to journalists and transmitted by SIC News.

The president of SNPVAC underlines, even so, that "the dissatisfaction [of the workers] is great, it is unquestionable" and, therefore, it is "very likely" that the crew decide to maintain the strike notice between January 25th and 31st.

The Minister of Infrastructure met this morning with the management of SNPVAC, before the general meeting, and was "convinced" of a "decisive step" by this union, so that the stoppage is avoided.

"In view of the information provided by the Union's leadership on the agreement reached, the Minister is convinced that the General Assembly of the SNPVAC will take a decisive step towards improving the situation of workers and the airline, allowing to avoid a 7-day strike that would cause serious damage to the company", says the minister's office, in a statement sent to newsrooms.

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