The latest price index from idealista has put together a guide to the cheapest areas in Portugal to buy a house.

In the district of Beja, in the municipality of Vidigueira is the cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal according to idealista (583 euros/m2). The next most affordable areas are in Vila Real in the municipality of Valpaços, (629 euros/m2); in Aveiro, the municipality of Sever do Vouga (657 euros/m2); in Bragança, the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros (704 euros/m2); and in Évora, the cheapest municipality to buy a house is Portel (705 euros/m2).

In the district of Porto, the cheapest municipality to buy a house is Baião (718 euros/m2) and in the district of Braga it is the municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto (758 euros/m2).

Completing the list of the cheapest municipalities to buy a house in the 18 districts of mainland Portugal is also Alcoutim, in Faro (833 euros/m2), Cadaval, in Lisbon (1,059 euros/m2), and Santiago do Cacém, in Setúbal ( 1,561 euros/m2).