The report, named “Health in Ireland: Key Trends 2022”, focused on comparing Ireland to other nations through a number of metrics related to public health.

The report said Irish people had a life expectancy of 82 and that that figure was expected to increase.

The report showed Ireland’s population as growing by 7.6% since the 2016 census but highlighted that the age demographic seeing the most is aged 65 and over. Since 2013, that demographic had grown by 35%.

The report also predicted the country’s population to keep growing over the coming decades despite fertility rates being at their lowest in the past decade, with the population expected to reach 5.77 million by 2042.

The report also highlighted a decrease in live births since 2012, saying: "This is due in part to the reduction in fertility rates but, more significantly, to the fact that the number of women in the main child-bearing age groups has declined in recent years.

"This is a demographic feature which is likely to result in a steady reduction in the number of births over the coming decade even if, as expected, Ireland continues to experience fertility rates which are higher than most other EU countries."

The report found mortality rates for certain causes of death, when adjusted for age, to have decreased. This included suicide (-32.6%), transport accidents (-54.7%), pneumonia (-54.1%), and stroke (-47.8%).