This could be when getting a mortgage on a property, planning for retirement, moving abroad or beginning estate planning, all significant life events that are associated with high expenses and decisions that have long-lasting and sometimes irreversible consequences. Others will seek ongoing advice in order to establish a long-term wealth management strategy to help achieve their financial goals. Whilst research demonstrates that those who pay for regular financial advice are consistently better off over time, there is often considerable discussion around whether the cost of an adviser is worthwhile. Some are often tempted to do their own research and make their own decisions rather than fork out for the help of an expert whilst others are put off by horror stories of rogue advisers providing unfounded and damaging advice. Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on your personal priorities and circumstance but here outline how, for many, the benefits of seeking an adviser can by far outweigh the expense.

Saves You Time

There are only so many hours in a day and familiarising yourself with financial and investment strategy can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated, even with the internet offering access to a range of facilities. With enough spare time and research, it is more than possible to reach a point where you are able to make well-informed and practical decisions concerning your finances, but it is also incredibly unlikely you will acquire the same knowledge base as a professional adviser. Although theory is crucial in financing, practice is equally, if not more, important. As advisers often deal with hundreds if not thousands of clients during their careers, they are far better equipped with the experience needed to provide effective solutions. Ultimately, you need to evaluate whether the cost of investing hours into research outweighs the expense of an adviser, who will often be able to offer more satisfactory results. Enlisting the help of an adviser gives you more time to do what you love and focus on the things that matter.

Peace of Mind

Concerns about financial stability are one of the leading sources of anxieties in adults across the world. Most of this anxiety stems from a lack of preparation for the future or uncertainty concerning the security of their family’s sustained financial well-being. An adviser can be of help to people in a whole range of scenarios, including debt and emergency estate arrangements. Advice can often be paid for on an hourly, monthly or fixed-serviced basis, making it as flexible and temporary as you need with no long-term commitment needed. As well as offering the benefits of long-term and immediate financial planning, an adviser also provides peace of mind, which can be priceless when it comes to mental health. Being able to rest at ease knowing you can retire with adequate funds or that investments are in safe hands can drastically improve your quality of life.

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Choosing the right adviser

Of course, the return on investment when it comes to financial advice depends on a range of factors, including the adviser you choose. Opting for an adviser who is not properly qualified or does not have the experience required to employ an efficient strategy can be even more damaging than receiving no advice at all. This is where it pays to do your own research and seek out a firm or adviser who is reputable and has local knowledge. Choosing someone who specialises in your specific needs is also beneficial. Aside from looking for technical skill sets, you should also find an adviser with whom you feel comfortable communicating with and who you feel understands your objectives comprehensively.

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