In this book the author, Michelle Ogundehin offers a nine-step practical guide to creating a space in which to feel truly at home. This is not just an interior decorating book but also how to be healthy and focus on green habits. The aim of the book is to help you ensure your surroundings boost your happiness and wellness.

I found the advice for interior decoration realistic, easy to follow and sensible. There is a description of how to choose the colours, materials and textures that will form a ‘Perfect Palette’. This information will help for many years to come.
Michelle Ogundehin is the former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration UK, and also the lead judge on the BBC Two/Netflix landmark series Interior Design Masters.

I loved the colours and images in the book. To add to the charm there are also hand drawn illustrations and photos from the author’s home.

The layout flows really well and I found the book enjoyable to read.

The last year has seen us spend more time inside than ever before so this seems an apt time for such a message. Whether you own a home or rent, no matter your budget ‘Happy Inside’ caters for all readers and I would recommend you get yourself a copy.