As soon as there was talk of a race to be the first company to produce a vaccine against Covid 19, warning bells went off in my head, and when, in less than eight months, the first vaccine was rolled out, I decided I would not accept it. I am not against vaccines per see, but I am not prepared to have injected into my body some chemically produced ‘messenger RNA’ which has only been officially authorised as experimental, and for which all the companies concerned have insisted on legal indemnity. In the past, for a vaccine to be labelled as safe for general use, it has undergone rigorous long term testing for any time from two to ten years.

Not only is it impossible to determine the origin of the vaccines, with monkeys and aborted baby parts as well as who knows what else being cited in their manufacture, no-one knows how long any of the vaccines will give protection or whether they will be effective against new strains or what longterm effects they could have on the body.

I watched and listened to the most sensible explanation presented in a non-provocative way by an Australian, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, which even I as a lay person could understand. It appears that the protein spike that triggers the immune response and produces the necessary anti-bodies is incapable of being directed to specific cells so can effect, or damage, others that are unaffected. When I went to listen to Dr Tenpenny again to help with writing this letter, YouTube had removed it. Why?

It seems OK for all and sundry to promote the use of the vaccine but not for anyone else to highlight possible dangers or ill-effects.

And why are some being railroaded into accepting the vaccine under the threat of losing jobs, being denied access to certain organisations or being prevented from travelling to another country as governments try to introduce so called ‘green’ passports? Am I to be refused entry into my own country to see my own family because I have not been vaccinated against covid? I am happy to undergo a covid test - shouldn’t that be enough?

It would seem that those receiving the most benefit from the use of the vaccines are the companies producing them.

Lois Herrington, Luz/Lagos.