1. What is climate change? When I was at school it was called an Interglacial. It’s nothing new, the earth has had rather a lot of them. Ice ages, followed by interglacials, and then another ice age, and so on. Perfectly normal. Why is this one different? And why is mankind responsible for this one when we weren’t responsible for any of the others? Do please tell me.
  2. The earth managed quite well with previous changes which went far higher than current figures, and even current estimates (check the charts I quote below). Just to remind you, current temperature levels are no higher than those a thousand years ago. So no increase there, so what’s the problem?
  3. What has a carbon footprint to do with increased temperatures? The scientific community claims temperature changes are due to changes in the wind patterns, and ocean currents, and a build-up of water vapour in the atmosphere, plus changes in the sun cycles. Do remember that Earth’s path around the sun is not circular but an ellipse, and the energy received by the earth at maximum distance is 30% more than when at minimum. What are all the climate-change freaks going to do about that?

To see some of the charts I am using go here: https://www.property.org.uk/unique/blogs/Climate%20Change%20Charts.html

Part two next week.

Dr John Clare